Boss BCB-60 Guitar Effects Pedal Board – part 1


The Boss BCB-60 Guitar Effects Pedal Board is a great utility for the gigging guitarist. They are invaluable, saving set up time, preventing dodgy connections/signal quality degradation from repeated plugging/unplugging for every gig. However, there are a few down sides.

Problem: The whole board cuts out intermittently.

The Investigation


Unlike the bomb proof flightcases that have butterfly fasteners, Boss have opted for plastic clips which have a tendency to unexpectedly open, break or go missing, spilling all your precious pedals in transit. Replacements are available for a couple of quid. We carry a small stock so this was a quick fix.

The main issue comes when you use the cat-o-nine tails power supply lead. Boss decided to make the outer case of the connector +ve 9v and the center 0v, the opposite of the majority of the other major pedal manufacturers at the time. This opens up a bit of an incompatibility minefield for your average guitar player with no one solution. The other issue is that any unused leads need to be insulated from touching the case, other pedals or each other. Now that pedals are digital they reset (which can take a number of seconds) whenever they detect issues with the power supply, unlike the analogue circuits which carry on working as best they can. This can have the effect of breaking the guitar signal for a few second just when it is vital. Boss provide caps so that used plugs are well protected. I’ve used heat shrink sleeves which works just as well. Hopefully, this will sort out the reliability issue, personally, I prefer something more difficult, but will use it for a couple more hours to see if there are any other problems.

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