The Brahmas – Covers Band

Peter Wilkinson – Drums
Peter Wilkinson
Richard Chetland – Bass
Richard Chetland
John Parkin – Guitar
John Parkin
Denzle Garri – Vocals
Denzle Garri


The Brahmas: Engaging, Charismatic, Spontaneous:

The Brahmas are an entertaining, four piece covers band made up of experienced musicians who take an impassioned approach to entertainment. Check them out here, drop an enquiry… someone will get straight back to you.  Contact Us

Are the Brahmas right for your event/venue?

After all there are plenty of covers bands playing the same essential core songs that are the meat and potatoes of the covers circuit. The Brahmas do things just a little differently… whether we are playing a Wedding, a Social Club, a Party or an extra special Friday night down the local. They cover a huge range of musical tastes from Michael Jackson to the Foo Fighters with, it has to be said, easy power. They are fluent musicians, they can read each others thoughts in a way that can only come from playing years together. Above all they are interested in and care about the people they are playing to. This allows them to make on the fly adjustments based on the audience mood/feedback. The result is extraordinary levels of crowd engagement and audience participation.

Brahmas are not gigging – there are all too old and hence have retired (probably).


Sex Machine – live

Roxanne – studio

Wishing Well – live

All Right Now – live

Chasing Cars – live

Word Up – live