Guitar Lessons Marlow

John Parkin Guitar Tutor

This is John Parkin... guitar teacher extraordinaire.

John has been playing guitar all his life and teaching since 1994. Teaching...

Beginers to Professionals

Jazz, Rock, Blues, Metal


Composition, Song/Solo studies, Music Theory

Offering Trinity Rockschool
Grades 1 to 8
***UCAS points for***
***Grades 6, 7 and 8***

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Guitar Lessons in Marlow

Each lesson is bespoke for the students needs, the lessons break down into three activities

  • practical – for example picking techniques, practice pieces focused on developing one skill and making it fun
  • studies – looking at songs or solos (ones you want to play) perhaps recording them which is also quite fun
  • theory – for example composition techniques but can also include scales (some student don;t find leaning scales as much fun but the rewards of being fluent in the language of music is quite a reward)

About Rockschool

We offer the Rockschool Grades as it has a number of significant advantages

  • awarding UCAS points to students achieving grades 6,7, or 8
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  • highly structured musical development
  • well composed performance pieces
  • the ability to learn/play legendary songs as part of your formal study with Rockschool’s Hot Rock

Rockschool was the first contemporary music collage to partner with an internationally recognised music institution the Trinity music collage.

John was a student of the legendary Shaun Baxter when he set the first Rockschool grade 8 with a great composition piece “One Step Away”.

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