David McBride – Drums

David McBride

Elvina Lawrence – Vox

Elvina Lawrence

John Parkin – Guitar

John Parkin


Medusa formed in 1989 combining a classic British heavy metal sound with a dark gothic feel built with Rush type structures, regularly using 12/4 and 7/8 time signatures. Medusa takes influences from the albums of the time by Megadeth, Metallica, Rush and Pantera. However, Medusa were criticised by those in the industry for covering these bands but earned great respect from fans for playing covers note for note, notably Megadeth’s Holy Wars which quickly became a crowd favourite. Medusa’s own songs stood up favourably live against the covers, with the crowd favourites Legion and Falling. Their EP featuring three songs was recorded in 1995 at Protocol Studios (with ex Abby Road producer Danny Dawson) remains their only published work. 




Four Horsemen