John Parkin – Guitar

John Parkin Guitar

John Parkin “JP” Has been playing guitar from 18 months old listening to Zep, Hendrix and Clapton from an early age… the influence of his older brothers. He formed his first band when he was 11 and was playing with the legendary Saxophonist Courtney Pine by the age of 15 (Courtney was also 15 but quite definitely legendary at 15). Over the years John has played for a number of bands including, Ocean, Knightshade and the heavy metal band Medusa. In 1991 John went to study with Shaun Baxter (Head of rock at the London’s Guitar Institute). He was one of the first players to try the newly created Trinity Rockschool examination pieces including Shaun’s grade 8 piece “one step away”. After a few years of study John was advised by Shaun that he should start teaching himself. This is something he took to like the proverbial duck to water, developing a number of students to become professional players in their own right. Many of his students either win scholarships and/or get outstanding results at the Rockschool grades. In 1996 John co-founded Chiltern studios a commercial rehearsal and recording facility in High Wycombe. In 1997 John co-formed the Malicious tones charity show band which raised over 10 thousand pounds for various local charities. John has also played guitar and acted as co-writer/producer for “We all fall down” and “The Swan Project”, as well as playing for a number of tribute bands including Echoes Of Pink Floyd and Alike Cooper. JP is also a seasoned sound technician/stage manager working for TM & Co, Catwesel and Moonlite Productions.

JP was present at the Brahmas very first gig, and soon became the dep guitar player for the line-up. The first gig John played for the Brahmas was at literally 15 minutes’ notice. John has been the principal guitar player for 3 years now and a Brahma to the core. “The guys are really something special”, say JP, “they are highly experienced players. There is a unique philosophy which allows ideas to flourish, something special comes out literally every time we get together… really puts a smile on my face.” John play’s ESP Custom Guitars through Mesa Boogie Amplification.