Denzle Guitar

Since 2006 the lead vocalist, he has fronted the Brahmas with energy, prolific enthusiasm for rock and soul music. Choosing to combine the two, helps give the lead singer some sense of originality, style and a new approach on the cover song performance with this band. From primary school to college, from college to present day, singing has been a vital and intrinsic element of In 1989, Night Shade was his 1st working soul band as a lead and backing vocal in a four piece unit. Influenced by the late Luther Vandross to the likes of Atlantic Star, Teddy Pendergrass, and Rochford, Prince to say the least. The rustic soul voice of Denzle emerged in to live music work. His voice is likened to Seal, Otis Reading and Al Green. Quickly, song writing and arranging would follow suite while working with local Jazz soul groups such as HeadHunters and Pete Newman’s, some like It Hot. During the early 90s, the band, Bone Orchard, auditioned and gave Denzle his first break in to the aggressive sound of punk rock music. Without a doubt influences of the Sex pistols, The Ramones, Department S and The Skids played its part during his endeavours on stage, from Aylesbury to Durham and Newcastle. Although punk wouldn’t linger too long with Denzle, the energies of the rock feel were destined to continue with other working bands such as Loose Joose, Electric Landlady, and 23hundred. With original songs written and published to date, Denzle is also creative within his acoustic performances and has had the pleasure to work with Dave Clark of 8eye, Dave Pooley, Suzzy McKenzie, Dave Saw, Michael Peter Lee, and Paul Mcloy of the Observers, all whom are Aylesbury based. Being very privileged to work with fine, well trained musicians in the Brahmas, Denzle uses an SM58 vocal microphone with Canon to Canon mic leads linked to the Wharfedale Professional EVP XP series 600W powered loud speaker systems, and a Soundcraft mixing desk.