Gemini – Metal Band

New/Upcoming Metal Band






Introducing Damian (Damo)! Drummer and backing vocals in the metal band Gemini. Damo is an incredible drummer. He’s also very intelligent, which tends to surprise people when they meet him. Damo has known Ed since collage, they formed the band together. He’s fun, flirty and sociable. He sometimes has to act as translator to Ed when people start looking confused.
Damo said that when the band get signed he will perform a gig completely naked. Ed replied, “Way to ruin the dream Damo”. On stage Damo is mostly… a blur!

Introducing Mina. She’s a lead guitarist in the heavy metal band Gemini. The daughter of the wealthy Lord and Lady Murray who would disinherit her if they discovered her involvement in something so common. Mina feels completely free on stage and likes to entertain the crowd. This works out well for the band as her singing voice is terrible. So bad in fact, that she has been banned from as much as humming within two feet of a microphone.

Mina has a trusty man servant called Berkeley who drives her to gigs and helps to keep her secret from her family.

Introducing Kelvin (Kel, Hot Dog, Dog or anything else the band can think of to try and wind him up. It doesn’t work). He’s the bassist/backing vocals in the metal band Gemini. Kelvin is nice. Really nice. He’s uncomplicated, consistent and reliable. He has huge amounts of energy and endless enthusiasm for the band. He clearly demonstrated this the day he got the band’s logo tattooed on his arm. Everyone thought he was mad, but appreciated the gesture!

Kelvin’s good at fixing things, like band kit, or the band van, and this combined with his strength make him a great roadie. On stage he likes to jump around with Mina and entertain the crowds.

Introducing Edward (Ed, Eddie, Shreddie etc!). Guitars and vocals for the band Gemini.  Ed is a creative dreamer. He can be sensitive, intense and unpredictable. People get on his nerves if they don’t understand him… which is most people outside the band. He is very serious about his music and fanatical about guitars. Ed only carries a picture of his treasured Rhoads Jackson RR1, because he says: “it is too precious to ever be seen in person”. On stage Ed prefers to stand under a spotlight, he leaves the jumping around to Mina and bassist Kelvin.