A Blue Squire with noisy electricals

This is only the second of this type to come through the workshop. Two singles, one humbucker much less common than the classic squire.

Potentiometer Resistance = 487 KΩ

Tone Capacitor = 21.23 nF


In order of importance

  • Plug Socket – intermittent connection
  • Noisy selector switch
  • Noisy potentiometers


Over time the connector poles & sweepers will gather dust and other contaminants which will cause the a crackle as they encounter the dust particle. In cheaper pots we can also see wear and pot holes in the resistive track.

These can often be cleaned with a satisfactory result, however, in this case the plan is to replace these pots with higher quality solutions.

With regard to the socket I always suggest replacement as the mechanical force as well as the connector surface will degrade.

The selector switch is a similar story, while grease and dirt can cause the crackle or increase contact resistance, the mechanical force will weaken and bearings will wear over time and a replacement can be the best option.